"LED UV curing systems cut energy use by 90%"

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"LED UV curing systems cut energy use by 90%"

Significant benefits are being claimed for LED-lamp based UV curing systems that have been developed by Italy-based PrintabLED Srl. In addition to cutting power consumption by 90 percent, the LED lamps run at lower temperatures and therefore transmit less heat to the substrate being cured or adjacent components. Also, ozone emissions are eliminated along with UVC radiation. Longer operating life is claimed along with reduced maintenance requirements.

PrintabLED says that it has collaborated with a number of inks and varnish suppliers to tailor their products to LED technology. Commercially available products include process colours, pantone bases, overprint varnishes for general line and food packaging applications.

First customer to test the LED UV curing system was Italy’s Technocap Group, which manufactures twist-off caps, in 2016. A system was installed on a Mailänder 122 two-colour press in Eastern Europe. Following the success of this installation, a second press is being upgraded. Two customers in Italy have also ordered LED UV systems from PrintabLED.

Fausto Mazzali, chief executive of PrintabLED, said:

“Our success in this very demanding field is based not only on our mastering of the LED technologies but most importantly on our deep knowledge of all the printing techniques and their specific curing requirements. With these successes we believe that UV LED solutions have earned the right to be the best choice for every metal deco project, combining simultaneously CAPEX, OPEX and environmental advantages"



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